For Me, It’s Only One Time Opportunity

Perhaps many people who do not agree with the title that I wrote, but it is my principles which I apply in cadre problems. At first we all had the chance, the same probability to reach the highest peak. However, at the next process we will experience change, whether positive or negative direction. Negative in this case does not mean an evil thing or a bad thing, but more meaningful to the directions do not agree or any difference of principle. The positive meaning, we get a good response, there was added support so that we are sure to advance.
It is true, that everyone has a different principle different. I never can be material, from the kind of trainer is so, that to be able to understand others we must learn the characteristics of others.However, I am also confused whether this ideal can be applied. If I still think we are only have principles, show our principles, evaluate how the response, and disconnect. If I the road can be a positive response, if negative feedback is what you should make, I invite the others, although there are intentions to make them give a positive response.
OK. We return to the title, probably the same as the principles that I’ve had in the mentioned above. We have or are given the opportunity during this period. If there’s a chance I will definitely try to give the best that I can. However, I do not necessarily provide it in the context of ‘serious’ depending on the state of the environment, if it can be serious by not doing us serious. I still do not want just a theory, that’s what I cherish. So, what I say, that’ll I’m doing, as much as possible. I do not want there to judge me by what I say, but what I’m doing, simple right?
In the present lot of ’empty keg crake’. Many people are clever process that words can capture the hearts of many, but that’s a weakness I, can not talk, but I still can affect people through action. Maybe I could nutupin deficiency. But many people believe more talk than action, it was already common. It is indeed speech is important but I think that action is more important. But still it continues to deny that, in terms of leadership, that’s the leader who set his subordinates who carry out actions. Oh no, it would be okay if it stays like this.


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